Common Car Problems

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Manor Motor Services are experts in getting customers vehicles back on the road & keeping them there. There are many common car faults that we come across on almost a daily basis.

Car problems vary from quick fixes to lengthy & costly repairs. We are here to help you through whatever the problem.

Check Engine Light

There is nothing worse than driving along and suddenly noticing one of your dreaded lights being on that shouldn't be. When did that turn on? Do I need to pull over and call a mechanic right now? What is wrong with my car?

Many thoughts run through a drivers mind, and this light is one of the main culprits. There is no quick fix for this light unfortunately. When your petrol light comes on, it's as easy as that, you need to go fill up. With this light, there could be 100 reasons it has turned on.

A few common faults include:

  • Loose or Faulty Gas Cap
  • Sensor Problems
  • Replace Catalytic Converter
  • Replace Spark Plugs & Wires
  • & many more

When this light appears, the best thing to do would be to come to a garage and let them run a diagnostics test to see exactly what the issue is. From there, you can see how to fix the problem & whether or not it needs urgent assistance.


Many things can go wrong with your brakes, including them being noisy & squeaky. This usually means there is an issue with your brake pads or brake discs. They could be worn out, loose or have brake dust inside the disc.

It's best to leave these kind of issues with the professionals, so bring your vehicle along to a trusted garage to get the job done right.

Tyres & Lights

Problems with tyres and lights are very common car faults. Tyre problems include flat tires, punctures, tyre thread issues and problems with tyre pressure. It is important that your tyres are in fine working order though, so make sure to keep an eye on any changes.

Lights are also very important & it’s important to check these regularly. When light bulbs brow, it’s sometimes hard to notice so these need checked. When there are issues with your car lights, accidents can easily happen as people around you may not know you’re breaking/indicating etc.

Whatever problem you come across with your car, the experts at Manor Motor Services in Ruislip will be able to help and advise you what's best. Get in touch today for more information.

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