MOT Preparation

What to check before your vehicle MOT test​

​​An MOT test for you car or vehicle is mandatory if your car is over 3 years old. As time goes on, this can be a daunting task for many.

If your car doesn't pass it's MOT this can cost you both time & money. There are steps you can take before your MOT test though, that can give you a head start to passing.

When a test is carried out, many parts of your vehicle are checked to ensure they are in working order. Some of there are outwith your control like wiring, suspension and emissions.

Help Your Vehicle Pass

There are simple checks you can make to your vehicle to help it pass. ​This shouldn't take you long, and could be the difference between passing or failing.


It is important to ensure all lights on the vehicle are working. This includes headlights, brake lights, indicators and hazard lights. ​Check that none of your bulbs have blown as this could make you fail altogether.

Wheels & Tyres

Your wheels and tyres should be in working order and undamaged. ​There is a minimum tread depth for your tyres (1.6mm), and if it below you will fail your MOT. Get this checked if you are in any doubt.

Windscreen, Windscreen Wipers & Screen wash

Take a look at your windscreen and if there are any marks or damage on it bigger than 40mm you'll fail. Your windscreen wipers should clean your screen properly. Tears, holes or rips could also result in a fail. Even something as simple as having no screen wash ​can cause you to fail.

Fuel and Engine Oil

Not having enough fuel or engine oil ​could result in your vehicle being turned away from even sitting an MOT test.

Visit a Reliable Garage

Make sure you visit a reliable car garage like ​Manor Motor Services in Ruislip to carry out your vehicle's MOT. With years of experience, you can trust the expert mechanics to get the job done right.

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