Preparing your Car for Winter

With the cold, dark nights coming in it’s vital to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter. Taking these steps could help reduce the risk of accidents as well as prepare yourself for breakdowns etc.


For only a few pounds, antifreeze could save you a lot of money. The clue is in the name, this stops the water in your engine's cooling system freezing. It also stops your car overheating due to frozen radiators. This is common in the cold weather and this is why antifreeze is so important.

Make sure that this is topped up and changed if needed. It will be worth it – trust us!

Screen Wash

In the winter you will go through a lot more screen wash than summer. This is due to the weather & it frequently being wet.

If you run out you risk the chance of smudging dirt & more all over your window which will affect your vision badly. Especially if it’s raining. Make sure you’re always topped up and keep a spare bottle in your boot just in case.


With the days being a lot shorter, you are going to have your car lights on a lot more frequently throughout the winter. It is important they are all working so other cars are able to see you and you can see the road.

Check your lights regularly and replace any bulbs that are out. You also need to make sure your lights are clean as dirt, salt etc can build up quickly in the winter.

Car Battery

Car Batteries are more likely to run out in the winter and the biggest culprit for winter breakdowns.

Getting these checked can save the hassle of a breakdown & make sure you replace these if needed.

Winter Tyres, Emergency Kits, De-icer & more

There are many more things you can do to get your car winter ready. From changing your tyres to more sturdy winter ones, making sure you always have more than enough de-icer to carrying around winter emergency kits.

Your winter kit could include blankets, an ice scraper, torches (with extra batteries), snacks, hi-vis vests & a phone with lots of battery. All of these could help an unexpected breakdown that little bit easier.

Professional Winter Car Checks

Many garages and dealers offer professional winter car checks for those who don’t have the time to do it all themselves. It can save you having to deal with a much bigger problem a few weeks or months down the line. ​Contact Manor Motor Services in Ruislip for more information.

Car problems and breaking down are never fun, but a lot less bearable in 0 degrees.